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Your instructor to introduce you to freediving or to help you progress


I arrived in 2007 on the island, I first worked in luxury hotels, where I perfected my sense of detail.

Passionate about diving since my first dive at the age of 10, I took advantage of my arrival on Saint Barthelemy to pass all my levels, until becoming a diving instructor.

Sporty, in love with nature and simplicity, I took advantage of a long stay in the south of France to perfect my apnea skills and become an AIDA instructor. I like very much the symbiosis with water that this discipline offers, it is for me a nice complement with scuba diving. It is also a way to progress in other sports, to work on your mental state and to relax.

I would be delighted to accompany you to make bubbles or to discover the universe of the Big Blue…and why not both!

Come and learn, train and exceed your limits with SERIAL DIVERS.

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