Discover the wealth of the waters overflowing with the fish of Saint Barthelemy in the company of professional instructors who will ensure your comfort and your safety. Located in Gustavia at the dock of the community, the diving center, Serial Divers, offers several daily outings every day of the year.

Our comfortable and fast boat will take you to one of 40 diving sites on the island to discover fauna and flora exceeding your expectations. You will thrive while supervised by qualified instructors in the middle of grouper, tarpon, sharks, turtles, stingrays, barracudas, reef fish … the heart of a reef consisting of caves, canyons, rock towers, tunnels and wrecks, reefs and lined with colorful sponges.

Our goal is your satisfaction and for your pleasure to be complete, we offer you a choice of dives and a wide variety of training. No other diving club can offer you such a treat. It will have such an effect on you that you will too, become a Serial Diver…




  • The flora and flora are exuberant in the Caribbean Sea thanks to the work of the Marine Reserve of St. Barthelemy: Sharks, turtles, tarpon, rays and lobsters will accompany you during your diving in our clear and warm waters all year round!
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  • Serial Divers is the only club on the island to be able to offer you guidance with the highest level of French state instructors.  All this to guarantee you a higher quality of services in regards ot safety, training and exploration.
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  • For certified divers, diving with Nitrox cost the same price as the scuba diving. More comfort and more safety.
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  • New equipment and quality awaits you, for a dive with the comfort of a high range equipment.
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  • Higiene is not an option for us and the materiels is routinely washed and disinfected after each dive.
  • Training for all levels, you not only can be a diver, but also an instructor. Thanks to a team of instructors with the highest French state degree, but also PADI and SDI/TDI instructors. With Serial Divers, you’ll progress while having fun.
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  • Our fast and comfortable boats will give you access to all the diving sites of the island, even the most remote, this way, during your stay, every diving exploration will remain unique.
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  • Diving themes, the Caribbean Sea by night, amazing twilights and sunrises are waiting for you. The events are displayed on our Facebook page. So everyone can choose their dives according to their desires of the moment. We guarantee a wide range of dives, customized to your tastes and your desires.
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  • We can document your adventure with high-quality photos and/or videos for you to relive and share with your family about your immersion in the material world of silence.
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  • We can document your adventure with high-quality photos and/or videos for you to relive and share with your family about your immersion in the material world of silence.
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  • Our center is a re-enforcing ecotourism. We respect the rules set up by the Association LONGITUDE 181.
  • Serial Divers offers you the best quality for the price in Saint Barth. In addition, we offer diving packages at a very attractive price.
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  • But above all, friendliness and the spirit of relaxation will be our motto to offer you an unforgettable experience.
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Trust us with your diving; we will surprise you…