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The center is equipped with MARES.

MARES BCDs are equipped with balanced inflators for fast and intuitive buoyancy control.

At SERIAL DIVERS no weight belt, all the BCDs have leads pockets integrated for comfort.

Our steel tanks are narrow and very light. With a capacity of 80 cu ft; they only weigh 12.1 kg which ensures neutrality in water and an unmatched floatation. During your immersion, you will forget that you are carrying a scuba tank on your back and your movements will feel very natural. On request, we can provide bigger tanks.

Our high quality regulators will assure your breathing and comfort allowing you to focus on getting the most of your diving.

Our shorty wetsuits will ensure that you don’t get cold during your dives, and for the more chilly among you, we also have full wetsuits.

Hygiene is not an option for us and the materiels is routinely washed and disinfected after each dive.



This is the flagship of the fleet. It measures 35 ft by 10ft. The boat has a maximum capacity of 16 people and can comfortably accommodate groups.

Its two 300 hp engines ensure a top speed of 50 knots, so you can reach the most beautiful dive sites in complete peace of mind.

It’s equipped with music and a beautiful swim ladder. Luxury is space, and that’s the DNA of this boat.


36 feets APEX – Rigid Inflatable Boat

We limit ourselves to 12 divers in the Saint Barthélemy marine reserve.

The boat’s two 300 hp engines ensure a top speed of 50 knots and a cruising speed sufficient to reach the island’s dive sites in under 20 minutes. More distant dives can also be programmed in calm weather, as the boat makes it possible to reach these sites quickly. This guarantees that you won’t have to visit the same sites several times when you entrust your diving vacations to us.

On board, you’ll find storage space for your phones and music to play your favorite playlists.

Comfort is the order of the day for the latest boat in the SERIAL DIVERS fleet…


28 feets ZODIAC – Rigid Inflatable Boat

For your comfort and safety, we limit the number of divers on our RIB to 8 in the Saint Barthelemy Marine Reserve.

The stability of our boats will take you to even the most remote sites in the comfort of a ride along the water.

The sun canopy will protect you from the rain and the sun’s rays, guaranteeing you pleasant outings on the Caribbean Sea.

All our boats are equipped with depth sounder, GPS and VHF, music and comfortable seats with unlimited water.

The filing station

Featuring an ultra-modern filling station with a capacity of 16 m³ / h powered by a compressor BAUER, we can ensure all our daily dives, whether you want to dive with air or NITROX.


Our philosophy, impeccable quality of services. That is why we offer you the opportunity to immortalize your dives.

We also have the ability to take pictures or to follow you during your underwater adventure, so we can hand you the animated tale of your exploits (benefits reservation only).

You will take with you the memory of your immersion in the turquoise waters of St. Bart’s. Let us know your wishes!


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