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1 – Training

You have a “justifiable” Apnea experience : a training course with us or a certification : AIDA, FFESSM, SSI, PADI…

Come and practice with us and take advantage of our material and human resources at your disposal: constant or variable weight workshop, free immersion…
Exploration on natural sites.


2 – Half day initiation / Try freedive 3h

You are at ease in the aquatic environment or you already practice apnea in a self-taught way?

Come and discover the verticality and unique sensations.
Surrounded by professionals, you will assimilate techniques for a healthy and comfortable practice, in complete safety.


All equipment is included.


3 – Initiation day (Level 1 AIDA *) / Try freediving

A day open to all, whatever your level.
Come and become aware of your breath, relax and discover the well-being provided by freediving!
In addition to some theoretical notions, you will work on your ease by perfecting your preparation, your swimming and vertical immersion techniques.
Finally for a healthy and appropriate practice we will address other topics such as equipment and various notions and techniques of safety.

½ day dry work + beach: ventilation/relaxation, application on the beach: statics, safety, appropriate behavior.
½ day at sea: verticality, freediving disciplines at sea, compensation.


4 – Level 2 Aida**

This program allows you to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to practice freediving safely, with a team member, in the natural environment, to a depth of 20 meters.


5 – Level 3 Aida***

The AIDA 3-Star Diver rating is an advanced version of the AIDA 2-Star Diver rating and allows the diver to progress in performance if desired.
You may also supervise other less experienced divers in conjunction with a qualified instructor.
Upon completion of the AIDA 3 Star Diver course, you will be able to dive between 24 and 30 meters.

Come and learn, train and exceed your limits with SERIAL DIVERS.

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