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 US currency payment accepted at the prevailling rate

No payments at the dock.

No discount for online reservations from December 20 to January 10.

We accept Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa – No AMEX)

Note rate:

We have no high or low season price but a fair price throughout the year.
All the diving equipment is include for a PADI Course. We also lend you PADI kit for training but it is quite possible to acquire within our structure. For any training kits, about one month is need to supply it.
All benefits must be paid in advance .
Any equipment lost or damaged will be charged to the diver.
The price included the PADI certification card and the log book for the first level (Scuba diver and complete open water)
Packages should be pay in advance. The additional costs dive the dive package . The packages are valid for one year from the first dive.
Tax marine reserve is included in the diving and training fee.
Nitrox 32/68 available for free to any certified upon request for certified divers diver except for specials discounts! (Order it at least 48h before the dive)
If you have all the equipment except tank and weight, you will have a 5 € discount per dive but Nitrox will not be free in this case
For all dives , equipment rental is included in the price of diving except
Diving packages are valid for one year from the purchase of the package.
For a diver with a package, any cancellation of a dive within 24 hours of departure will count the dive except for medical reasons.


What’s up if we cancel the outing:

If we should cancel an outing due to bad weathers conditions, we will offer you to switch to another day. If you couldn’t, we don’t charge anything and no compensation can be demanded.


Equipments Price for one dive
Computer 5,00 €
Safety buoys 2,00 €
Dive light 10,00 €

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