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Do you want to enjoy the underwater world in the nature reserve of St. Bartholomew in private? We offer dives and courses tailored to your needs, specially designed for you.

We assure the utmost discretion and provide our services either in French or English.

Whether you want an introduction or something off the beaten path, we offer dives for your needs. We can offer services à la carte in your pool or yacht, a private charter, or join us on our speedy and cozy boat to reach secluded and exclusive sites. Make this moment, or even this day, unforgettable.

With our many years of experience, you will safely discover the amazing wonders at the bottom of the sea.

Not only do we pride  ourselves with our VIP diving experience in St Barth but also  in the Mediterranean, particularly Porto Vecchio (South of Corsica), one of the most beautiful regions of France.

We are graduates of the highest level of French monitor (State diploma) as well as PADI instructors.

You will be provided with MARES equipment. Luxurious equipment that feels weightless with unsurpassed comfort.

You can be sure that we will put all of our know-how and love of diving into this experience to make it vibrant!

A little something extra with Serial Divers:  you can enjoy French specialities during your excursion, accompanied with a splendid drink!

Entrust us with your dive and you won't regret it !


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SERIAL DIVERS : Isabelle & Emmanuel
Quai de la Collectivité, Gustavia,
97133 St Barthélemy

+590 (0) 690 516 786

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